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1997 After working at an apparel company in Tokyo, the designer, MIHO MATSUDA, came back to Osaka. In Osaka, she started working a part-time job as a designer at a shoe store in America Mura. At this store, her unique products, such as wooden shoe soles, etc., became huge hits. She established the brand gMIHO MATSUDAh to sell with clothing which was her main business line and opened the first shop in America Mura in Osaka.
(She created a thick shoe sole boom before thick shoe soles became very popular in gal fashion as represented by Namie Amuro. It was said that one out of five people waking in America Mura in Osaka were wearing shoes with thick soles,according to the transition of shoes with thick soles by SHOE, BAG Detectives.)
1998 Opened shops in Shibuya and Nagoya PARCO. There were almost 10 directly-managed shops.
1999 The brand has gone because the company went bankruptcy and her brand was closed. As next step, she launched her original website gGOLDSEAL.h
2001 With Kobayashi & Co., Ltd. as a sponsor, she started gMIHO MATSUDAh once again. Opened 3 directly-managed shops in Shinjuku Marui One, Vivre Okayama, Vivre Osaka and others.
2003 Established GOLDSEAL CO., LTD. and independently started a new business.
2007 Started the sales of collaboration products with game software gDevil May Cryh of CAPCOM. The game sold over 2 million copies not only in Japan but also all over the world and became a major hit.
The products were exhibited at Tokyo Game Show.
  Tokyo Game Show
2009 We made new division uniforms.
2011 Currently, there are 2 directly-managed shops in Shibuya, Tokyo and Shinsaibashi, Osaka.
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